Anastasia has a lot of different interests and things that inspire her writing. Reading, music, crafts, and artwork. She’s always felt like she’s not “nerdy” enough to call herself a Nerd, but according to her husband, she’s the biggest one yet. (Come on, she has a life size cut out of Thor in her office, okay?) She has an unhealthy obsession with music and watches action flicks like some girls watch hot vampires or romantic movies.

Browse around the blog “Anastasia Unrestrained” for an indepth look into the crazy nerdiness of Anastasia’s mind. You’ll never be the same again. You’ve been warned


Recent News

The new Kinir Elite book 1 has been finished! Oh yes! It’s off to the alpha readers. A cover reveal and official title reveal will be coming soon, so keep your eyes pealed for that! I’ll be making a call for bloggers to share the announcement. I’m so excited I can’t wait!